Confort Pedic mattress

A unique high-range mattress designed for people who suffer with back problems.

Blue Latex Viscotex AloeTouch Airtex3D® Aquapur Summer / winter sides No motion transfer Reversible 7 zones Air fresh Memory foam Hypoallergenic Oeko-tex® certified Ergonomic
Available dimensions 70, 80, 90, 120, 135, 140, 150, 160, 180 by 190 and 200 cm
Color White
Thickness 19/20 and 24/25 cm
Firmness 5 out of 5 hard
Breathability out of 5
Adaptability out of 5
Cover Oeko-tex® certified
Composition Winter side with AloeTouch® fabric
3 cm of Viscotex® 85 kg/m3
6 cm of Blue Latex® 35 kg/m3
6 cm of Blue Latex® 40 kg/m3
4 cm of Aquapur® 30 kg/m3
Summer side with Airtex3D® fabric
Summer / winter sides yes
Electric bed no
The product details are submitted for information purposes only, they can vary depending on the country of distribution.  The company reserves the right to change or modify at any time without notice.
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