Memo Soft mattress

Perfect finishes, modern design and high quality materials make this mattress as easy on the eyes as it is on your body.

Blue Latex Bio Memory Summer / winter sides No motion transfer Reversible 7 zones Air fresh Memory foam Hypoallergenic Oeko-tex® certified Ergonomic

The Memo Soft mattress has been designed to satisfy the most discerning customer.

With dual-density Blue Latex® foam at its core, the mattress immediately adjusts to your body, regardless of shape, size or sleeping position. This sophisticated mattress has been designed to improve your well-being and ensure your sleep is a rejuvenating and relaxing one.

High density Bio Memory® visco elastic foam forms the winter side, a material that has been created by Naturalex with four main objectives; to ease movements during your sleep, distribute your weight evenly throughout the mattress, reduce pressure points and help maintain healthy blood flow. Enriched with Arandi oil (Castor oil), known for its moisturizing properties, the Bio Memory® is soft and flexible yet at the same time highly resistant. You can rotate and flip it to enjoy its 7 comfort zones. Dual-sided, it has a thick and soft fabric on the winter side and a breathable 3D mesh air fabric on the summer side.

The mattress is dressed in the finest velvet fabric and features the Air Fresh® system for ultimate breathability.

Available in various comfort levels from balanced to hard.

Available dimensions 70, 80, 90, 120, 135, 140, 150, 160, 180 by 190 and 200 cm
Color Grey
Thickness 24/25 cm
Firmness 5 out of 5 hard
Breathability out of 5
Adaptability out of 5
Cover Oeko-tex® certified
Composition Winter side
6 cm Bio Memory® 80 kg/m3
9 cm Blue Latex® 35 kg/m3
9 cm Blue Latex® 40 kg/m3
Summer side
Summer / winter sides yes
Electric bed no
The product details are submitted for information purposes only, they can vary depending on the country of distribution.  The company reserves the right to change or modify at any time without notice.
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