Top Memory mattress

A unique design with an extra top pad designed for people who suffer with back problems.

Summer / winter sides No motion transfer Reversible 7 zones Air fresh Memory foam Blue Latex Viscotex Aquapur Hypoallergenic Oeko-tex® certified Ergonomic

Top Memory delivers comfort and flexibility thanks to its multiple layers of Aquapur® breathable foam, Viscotex® memory foam and Blue Latex® supportive foam. Its composition is all about density. High density allows for strength and durability in the base layers, while varying the densities in the upper layers creates different support levels.

One layer of Viscotex® memory foam supports your entire body and improves airflow through the mattress’ structure. Two top layers of Aquapur® an open-cell adaptive foam, promotes breathability and adaptability.

A dual-density (30 and 35 kg/m3) Blue Latex® core provides firmness and support. Reversible and dual-sided, the winter side features a thick fabric to keep you warm on cold nights, and the summer side is covered in a honeycomb 3D fabric which releases heat on summer nights. Its structure, divided into 7 different comfort zones, is designed to wrap you in comfort and relieve painful pressure points. Memory foam provides the ultimate in spinal alignment and pressure relief for your back, it also reduces motion transfer from sleep partners.

It features the Air Fresh® system for ultimate breathability. Available in various comfort levels from balanced to hard.

Available dimensions 70, 80, 90, 120, 135, 140, 150, 160, 180 by 190 and 200 cm
Color Bicolor two-tone grey
Thickness 24/25 cm
Firmness 5 sur 5 hard
Breathability niveau sur 5
Adaptability niveau sur 5
Cover Polyester
Composition Winter side
2 cm Aquapur® 30 kg/m3
2 cm Aquapur® 35 kg/m3
5 cm Viscotex® 90 kg/m3
7 cm Blue Latex® 35 kg/m3
7 cm Blue Latex® 38 kg/m3
Summer side
Summer / winter sides yes
Electric bed no
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