Comfortable Durable Innovative mattresses.

Naturalex was established in 2007 by a team of European bedding specialists and experts in memory foam technology.

The story of an innovative mattress brand

After many months of research and development, Naturalex launched a range of bedding products, each with its own unique qualities. Driven by innovation and development, the company opened its doors to the European market via an online store. Today, Naturalex has a presence on the biggest European marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and CDiscount.

Delivering quality products has always been our goal, from the memory foam used in the production of our products to the finishing of the stitching. In terms of innovation, we are continuously developing new foams. For example, high density memory foams such as Thermosoft® and Viscotex®, open-pore structure Aquapur®, and Gel Fresh® a groundbreaking foam enriched in refreshing microcapsules.

The Naturalex guarantee

Each Naturalex mattress is quality controlled at every step in the production process. Our foams are CertiPUR® certified, meaning they are made from non-toxic products. Our fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX®. Every Naturalex mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Naturalex Mattresses – We’re on a mission to put you to sleep.