A foam with adaptive firmness.


An excellent polyurethane foam with adaptive firmness, the high technology AeraPur HQ developed by Naturalex provides specific firmness, and improves the specific support of each part of the body: head, shoulders, back, pelvis, thighs, calves and feet.

Highly breathable and non-deformable, AeraPur «wellness» foam respects your body shape and promotes an even distribution of body weight. Flexible in the surface, yet resistant and elastic, it is a HQ polyurethane material with exceptional performance and comfort and guarantees a perfect position of the spine by offering superior elastic performance for perfect ergonomics.

A perfect combination of firmness and flexibility, compared to tranditional polyurethane foam, provides superior comfort, better ventilation, and significantly reduces the presence of the dust-mites that proliferate so much in bedding. The millions of open cells present allow great aeration of the padding.

It is present in some mattresses that incorporate the Aero-Latex technology.

Available in different densities depending on the version, from 23 to 38kg/m3.