The latest evolution of the Blue Latex® solution, much more breathable, long-lasting and homogeneous.


The Aero Latextechnology is an important evolution of the Blue Latex® and it enters the composition of high-end models starting from the 2019 collection.

Engineers at Naturalex have devised and developed a foam with even more open cells than AeraPur, an important component and the base of Blue Latex®, they have managed to keep an equivalent density, while improving the structural qualities of the material.

Fleximax Foam.

More air in a foam means better mattress ventilation and greater comfort, especially for people suffering from heat; a better molecular structure is a more homogeneous and longer-lasting support.

Aero Latex does not lose any of the qualities that made Blue Latex® so successful: combined with the latest generation of 70kg/m3 bi-alveolar latex present in the upper layers of the mattress and in the new polyurethane foam FlexiMax, it offers even better balanced and multi-zone support, and superior independence between beds thanks to the flexibility of natural latex combined with the qualities of an HQ foam. (High Quality).

In the end you get a more ventilated product that has superior strength and durability than other technologies on the market.

With the solution Aero Latex , a Naturalex mattress offers the feeling of lying on a real air mattress, a perfect balance between flexibility and support that will improve your sleep.