Bidensity multi-layer technology solution at the service of your comfort.

Blue Latex

Fruit of five years of development, the Blue Latex® is the main technique used to provide comfort to the composition of Naturalex mattresses: An unprecedented marriage between a core of polyurethane foam AeraPur HQ and the juxtaposition of a layer of the latest generation of bi-alveolar latex of high resistance, high elasticity and high density (70kg/m3) present in the coating.

This dual-density composition has all the features you would expect from a modern material: a multi-zone structure for optimal distribution of the body's pressure points, independence between beds for better comfort at night and a soft reception similar to natural latex.

Combining these two materials, Blue Latex® technology offers an extraordinary adaptability to your body in order to improve the quality of your sleep, its flexibility allows you to sleep serenely on your side or back while keeping the spine supported and straight. It hardly loses its elasticity even after ten years of use, which guarantees excellent long-term comfort.

In short, the Blue Latex® system is an innovative, different and perfect support for the most demanding sleepers. This technology combines firmness and breathability thanks to its shape and the adaptability, flexibility and comfort of latex.

Type of comfort offered depending on the product, choosing between various densities (20, 25, 30, 35, 38 and 40kg/m3) depending on the version or country, Blue Latex® is the heart of all Naturalex mattress models.