FibraFeel V300.

FibraFeel V300

FiberFeel V300 is an environmentally friendly fibre, much more than cotton production, and is biodegradable.

The usage of the new fibre FibraFeel V300 allows the mattress to regulate perspiration thanks to its cool sensation and its strong absorption of humidity.

Due to its high water content, the fibre provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. The absorption capacity of FibraFeel V300 is much greater than that of cotton.

  • Ecological: the manufacturing process is Eco responsible and non-toxic.

  • Soft and light: perfect for an ideal welcome.

  • More breathable: FibreFeel V300 absorbs moisture like silk or cotton.

  • Hygienic: the fibre dries quickly. Thanks to evaporation during drying, the body maintains a constant temperature, ideal for a restful sleep.

  • Non-polluting: the manufacturing process uses a non-toxic, recovered and recycled solvent.

  • Optimum temperature regulation: Like pure wool, it stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Superior resistance: FibreFeel V300 resists weather perfectly, its smooth and uniform surface makes it stronger.

Espuma Naturalex : Carbon Actif Latex

La espuma Carbon Actif Latex.

Carbon Actif Latex

The Carbon Active Latex technology is a unique combination of an AeraPur HQ polyurethane foam core, with a density between 20 and 38kg/m3, and the juxtaposition of a layer of the latest generation of bi-alveolar latex of high resistance, elasticity and density (70kg/m3), enriched with vegetal active carbons present in the cover.

This dual-density composition has all the features you would expect from a modern material: a multi-zone structure for optimal distribution of the body's pressure points, independence between beds for better comfort at night and a soft reception similar to natural latex.

This technology is supposed to clean the environment (absorption of germs, odors and sweat) and ensures a halo of well-being around the sleeper. Active carbons purify, sterilize and deodorize, but they also absorb electromagnetic waves by promoting the cellular activity of the sleeper and contributing to the recovery of energy that has been used during the day's activities. Deodorant power, purifier and moisture regulator.

Moisture Absotion: Carbon is composed of a multitude of micropores that regulate moisture content, with an excellent absorption capacity and actively participates in the creation of a healthy atmosphere conducive to a restful sleep in the bedroom.

Neutralization of odours and absorption of pollutants: carbon neutralizes bad odours.

Antibacterial properties: the proliferation of allergy-causing bacteria is considerably reduced by odour absorption and moisture regulation processes.

Negative Ions: active carbon also releases beneficial negative ions to help on relaxation during sleep.

By combining these two materials, the Carbon Actif Latex technology offers extraordinary adaptability to your body to improve the quality of your sleep, its flexibility allows you to sleep serenely on your side or back while keeping the spine supported and straight. It loses little of its elasticity even after ten years of use so it guarantees excellent comfort in the long term.

Depending on the product and the type of comfort chosen (20, 25, 30, 35, 38 and 40 kg/m3), depending on the version or country, Carbon Actif Latex is the heart of some Naturalex mattresses.

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