Ergo Mattress

Viscoelastic mattress compatible with electric bedsteads. The best value for money. Depending on the country and the seller, this model can also be called Ergo Confort.

No Motion Transfer Reversible 7 zones Visco elástica Foam Blue Latex Viscotex Hypoallergenic

Available in 17/18 cm thickness, and thanks to its seven-zone structure, the Ergo mattress offers a comfortable welcome combined with a deep and firm support for all parts of your body thanks to Viscotex memory foam. No matter how strong your body is, how you sleep, whether you are alone or in company, the Ergo mattress guarantees unprecedented comfort and nights of real rest.

The Viscotex foam in the upper layers of the memory foam combines with the dual density Blue-Latex technology that provides the necessary firmness to the mattress.

Winter side :

  • AloeTouch thick and insulating fabric for warmer winter nights.

  • The FibraFeel V300 fibres allow the mattress to regulate perspiration thanks to the feeling of freshness and its strong absorption of moisture. Athermic: does not transmit heat or cold thanks to its system of large opened cells for better breathing.

  • A layer of the new Viscotex viscoelastic foam, a viscoelastic and regulating foam that improves the specific support for each part of your body: head, shoulders, back, pelvis, thighs, calves, feet, for ideal comfort and a perfect position in your spine, offers excellent elastic performance, and perfect ergonomics and ventilation.

  • The latest generation of natural bi-alveolar latex of high resilience and high elasticity for maximum ventilation that regulates heat and humidity. Antibacterial and anti-dustmite. Ensures a sweet and smooth reception.

Core :

  • This premium foam core offers progressive, pressure-free support for better ergonomic backing. It has benefited from a recent evolution, and the membranes that make up its cells have multiplied. The result is a lighter, more tonic, more reliable and therefore more effective material. It loses very little elasticity even after ten years of use, so it will guarantee your good comfort in the long term.

 Summer Side :

  • Thermoregulation and breathability: FibraFeel V300 fibers for optimum regulation of perspiration during the summer thanks to the sensation of freshness it provides and its high absorption of moisture.

  • MemoSoft V30 foam, a new ultra-breathable material for a soft reception and optimal comfort. The Blue Latex® guarantees you a soft welcome and a very comfortable sleep. The mattress accompanies the movements of your body during sleep as it creates less pressure on the body than other mattresses of the same category.

  • Reversible, it offers a breathable 3D fabric on the summer face, and a winter face with a thicker double strech Deluxe extra soft fabric, to provide optimal comfort during your nights.

  • The AirFresh technology on the summer face allows a perfect circulation of air and avoids the concentration of any kind of humidity on the bedding.

The cover of this model is certified free of toxic substances by OEKO-TEX®. Available in four comfort levels, from balanced to very firm.

Blue-Latex® System. Available in four comforts, from balanced to very firm.

The characteristics of the mattress are only informative, they can vary according to the country of sale or the distributor. The company also reserves the right to modify them without prior notice, temporarily or permanently. We recommend that you consult your distribuitor for more information on the version of this model.

Product code: 0110, 0304

Available sizes 70, 80, 90, 120, 135, 140, 150, 160, 180 por 190 y 200 cm
Color White
Thickness 17/18 cm
Firmness 3 out of 5 medium
Breathability level 5
Adaptability level 5
Padding Winter Side :AloeTouch Polyester Fabric.
Summer Side : Airflow 3D fabric
Composition Winter side composed of :
FibraFeel V300 fibers 200 gr
Viscotex memory foam 75 kg/m3
Bi-alveolar latex 70 kg/m3
Core :
16 cm of AeraPur polyurethane foam core (20 à 38 kg/m3)
Summer side composed of: :
FibraFeel V300 fbers 200 gr
MemoFeel v30 foam 20 kg/m3
Winter / summer side no
Electric bed no
The characteristics of the mattresses are for information purposes, they may vary depending on the sales outlet or the distributor. The company also reserves the right to modify them without prior notice permanently or temporarily.
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