This memory foam with a high resilience effect is present in the Essentiel and Zen mattresses, it is 600 times more breathable than a conventional viscoelastic foam.

Memo Feel

The MemoFeel foam developed by Naturalex uses the technology of open pores, which allows it to be 600 times more breathable than any other visco-elastic foam with shape memory. Its structure guarantees a perfect air circulation, which avoids the concentration of humidity in the mattress.

The MemoFeel is a memory effect material manufactured with a completely different technique to that used in conventional memory foam. It is an innovative product in the world of high-end mattresses that offers a perfect reception of the body, expels moisture and prevents the transmission of heat during the hours of sleep.

Available in various densities, the MemoFeel foam is present in the composition of various models in the Essentiel collection and in the Zen collection.