A memory foam with a specially studied structure, designed to give the summer face of Naturalex mattresses a more refreshing effect.


It is a latest generation viscoelastic foam, the MemoFresh memory foam provides a very pleasant therapeutic and relaxing sensation during the summer nights. Its open structure is formed by refreshing microcapsules that allow the preservation of body temperature throughout the night, for a more restful sleep.

MemoFresh's naturally high thermal conductivity means that it contributes to dispersing the heat generated by the body throughout the night. In addition, its innovative open cell design promotes airflow and breathability to improve thermal regulation.

Like the rest of the brand's highly resilient Viscoelastic foams, the MemoFresh foam offers an incomparable welcome and adaptability to make nights more pleasant and comfortable.

With a very high density (40 to 85 kg/m3 depending on the version), MemoFresh memory foam is used on the summer side of some models in the Zen, Zen+ and Techno collections.