Memory foam is an innovative technology that Naturalex uses to design its mattresses and toppers.

Viscoelastic memory foam.

Invented by NASA in the 1970s, this is a hypoallergenic assembly based on polyurethane associated with other components that improve the density and viscosity of foam, hence the term visco-elastic .

They are called memory foam because they are thermo-sensitive: with the heat of the body, they adapt perfectly to the shape of your body, and then return to their original shape below 20°C.

Naturalex has developed foams of different densities and with their own characteristics adapted to all types of products and bedding articles. A total of six visco-elastic foams enter the composition of a Naturalex mattress.

Advantages of visco-elastic foam

When used in mattresses, the memory foam confers multiple advantages: excellent support, optimal comfort, zero motion transfer, and create a naturally hypoallergenic mattress. Visco-elastic foam has long-lasting qualities, identical to the qualities of a spring mattress, between six and eight years.

Viscoelastic memory foam

The Air Fresh system developed by Naturalex allows the mattress to be perfectly ventilated and prevents the accumulation of heat or sweat thanks to the circulation of air between the different layers of foam that make up the mattress.

Naturalex uses memory foam of different densities: balanced, medium firmness, firm and very firm, from 23 to 38kgm/3 depending on the version. (For more information, consult your distributor)