Comfortable Long-lasting Innovative Mattresses.

Naturalex is a brand of mattresses created in 2007 by European bedding specialists, experts in viscoelastic foam technology.

History of an innovative mattress brand

After several months of research and development, Naturalex has created a line of products allied to comfort and technology with its own characteristics. Marked by innovation and development, the brand has created a European distribution network through an online store and established e-commerce sales in the most relevant marketplaces accross Europe such as Amazon or Cdiscount.

Demands and quality have been two of the most important factors, from the viscoelastic foams used in the manufacture of mattresses and toppers to the final finishes. In terms of innovation, it has developed new foams such as the high density Thermosoft V60, the Viscotex foam or the MemoFresh foam destined to the summer side of some of our models.

Naturalex Warranty

Naturalex mattresses have a guarantee of five years . In addition, strict controls are exercised at each stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring the exclusion of toxic products and ensuring hypoallergenic treatment.

Because your sleep is our exigence.