The main activity of the Naturalex brand, is the conception and manufacture of memory foam mattresses.

Naturalex's mattresses are available in single or double sizes in the standard sizes 70/80/90/105cm, 135/140/150cm and 160/180cm. Several treatments are applied to them, some of which are exclusive to the brand, the certifications of these treatments have been delivered by third parties. Naturalex foam mattresses are suitable for all types of bedsteads, however we recommend slatted bedsteads for their rigidity and breathability.

Naturalex bed and mattress

The thickness of Naturalex's mattresses are variable, 4/5 cm for toppers and up to 30 cm for high-end models, our mattresses consist of multiple layers of different more or less firm viscoelastic foams and adapted paddings, some of them removable.

All of the brand's models have seven comfort zones to cope with inhomogeneous body pressure (feet, calves, thighs, lower back, lumbar, shoulders and head). For a correct use of the mattress, it is necessary to consider the label and to orientate the mattress in such a way that its in the lower part of the bed.

Comfort is firmer in a viscoelastic foam mattress than in mattresses made of other materials such as wool, Naturalex's models are divided in a four level scale, from balanced to very firm.

The adaptability of memory foam depends on its ability to adapt to the physique of the body, and it is an important feature of mattresses.

The breathability of a mattress depends on the quality of air ventilation within its structure.

3D Padding

A 3D texture on the padding of the mattress.

The padding is what covers the mattress, some of Naturalex's models have a 3D padding designed to facilitate air circulation. The usual material for this is polyester, a hypoallergenic, light and breathable material.

Naturalex's exclusivities

  • An improved no motion transfer feature thanks to the Blue Latex® technology.
  • Reversible: Different sides for summer and winter, an innovative creation to provide us greater comfort during any season. Thick, warm fabric for the winter side, and Gel Fresh foam for the summer side.
  • Our Antistress mattresses with Carbotex fabric: ultra-thin conductive carbon filaments are integrated with the textile fibres of the mattress cover in such a way that it favours the discharge of the tensions accumulated during the day.

Our memory foam mattress collections are divided in five ranges: Essentiel, Zen, Zen +, Techno y Privilege. Models in these collections adapt to all kinds of physiques, and the latest technologies have been used in the manufacturing in order to provide you with the best quality sleep you can have.

Naturalex also proposes Toppers, complements, pillows, bedsteads as well as providing to great brands of sofa-bed manufacturers like Medivani.


Naturalex mattresses are vacuum packed in order to reduce the space they take, and prevent damages during shipping. This process does not affect the quality of the mattress: during unpacking, they return to their original shapre after 24 to 48 hours.

Unpacking a Naturalex Mattress