Very high density multi-zone memory foam that offers unmatched adaptability qualities.


ThermoSoft V60 memory foam is a new generation, high-quality viscoelastic foam that offers different comfort zones: it thus releases the parts of the body that put the most pressure on the mattress, such as the shoulders or hips, and helps to provide adequate rest for the areas that put the least pressure, such as the feet and head.

The open cells of this new-generation foam absorb muscle tension and promote blood circulation to combat muscle pain.

The ThermoSoft V60 foam adapts more quickly to the body contour than other memory foams, the feeling of comfort is perceived from the first moment even if we change posture several times during sleep, it adapts immediately to the new posture.

Thermosoft V60 also has the property of keeping its flexibility during the winter and in rooms with lower temperature.

With a very high density (40 to 90 kg/m3), the ThermoSoft V60 memory foam present in some high-end models is one of the materials used in the discrete formula that provides incomparable comfort for Naturalex mattresses.