Viscoelastic foam with high-end thermo-reactive shape memory, imbued with millions of cells that maintain a perfect temperature for your body to offer comfort and good support throughout the night.

Visco Titanium

The Visco Titanium is a new odorless, high resilience and high density memory foam which enters the composition of certain products in the Techno collection. It is a lastest generation material derived from Visco Graphene viscoelastic foam. This material adapts to your body to relieve pressure and balance it perfectly. Whatever your preferred position, this mattress always adapts to your physique.

This thermal conductivity capability also allows the body to reduce heat build-up during the night.

Main features:

  • Self-shaped.

  • Relieves pressures.

  • Optimal adaptation to your body.

  • Avoids muscular discomfort.

  • Perfect against pains. (herniated disc), shoulders, back, pelvis, neck.

  • Thermal Regulator.

  • Anti-odour aromatherapy effect.

  • Antibacterial.

  • Antiallergenic.

  • Anti-dustmite.

  • Repairing Sleep.

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